Introducing FranciscanTV.US

Friars Launch FranciscanTV.US – A New Franciscan Media Channel

The Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province are excited to announce the launch of FranciscanTV.US. This new Franciscan media channel aims to share the friars’ love of community, creation and Church through a series of heart-warming and spiritual videos.

FranciscanTV is free to watch and enjoy, and the friars invite you to make FranciscanTV.US one of your regular sources of entertainment, along with Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and other streaming services. Be sure to sign up for a free subscription to FranciscanTV so that you will never miss a video.

This new Catholic entertainment channel will offer a series of family-friendly videos and original programming, including:

Friar Chef: The friars love to cook – and they love to eat, too! In this series hosted by Fr. Michael Carnevale, OFM, friars prepare and share their favorite recipes and dishes from their diverse cultural backgrounds. These family-friendly meals and desserts are delicious and quick and easy to make – the perfect Franciscan combination!
Friar Art: Join Franciscan artist Fr. Michael Reyes, OFM, as he uses the artistic process to examine and find deeper spiritual meaning in some of the world’s greatest works of art. These part-spiritual, part-historical meditations invite you to reflect on the faith and life lessons offered by paintings and sculpture.
Mass & Devotions: Join the friars in prayer as they honor your intentions. From special feast day celebrations – including the feasts of St. Francis, St. Jude and St. Anthony – to novenas and daily Masses, FranciscanTV offers many opportunities to worship from the comfort of your own home. You can also test your knowledge of Catholic and Franciscan history with a series of quiz shows led by our friars. Learn new facts and challenge your friends to beat your score!

If you would like to help the friars create more uplifting videos as well as assist in feeding, sheltering and caring for the poor at our ministry sites, we invite you to make a donation. All proceeds from FranciscanTV support the ministerial work of the friars. Make sure to visit FranciscanTV.US often to watch new videos.