Model disciple and Mother of God, Mary is, indeed, “blessed among women” and a blessing for women. Unfortunately, women are often targets of social and domestic violence. September 13th marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, which has been credited for reducing domestic violence through a series of measures ranging from education to prevent abuse to shelters and legal interventions for domestic abuse and other forms of abuse.. Subject to review and renewal every five years, the act has expanded protection for previously underserved groups. Renewed by the House of Representatives in April, the act has not yet been advanced for consideration by the Senate. Revisions in the act include a provision to prohibit purchase of firearms by those who have been found guilty of domestic abuse or stalking, a provision that has sparked protests from the National Rifle Association. Given the social impact of violence, particularly domestic violence that has far-reaching social implications for children who are victims and witnesses, let us pray that our civic leaders support this measure