Our Lady Mother of God

And as the Mother of God, Mary offers us her calm peace when we face so many of the difficulties in our daily lives. Look at the beautiful painting to your right, and feel the calm of her love, and her care for Jesus and for you. Whether it be finances, difficulties with our children or grandchildren, divorces, illnesses, or even a sense of loneliness or isolation,

Our Lady, the Mother of God, comes to us and calms our fears.  On the first day of every New Year, January 1st, the Church honors the Blessed Virgin Mary with a feast day. As we begin another year of our lives, we know that so often the world seems especially difficult and “crazy.”

Mary, the Mother of God, is the most blessed human of all time, for she is the woman who received Jesus into herself and brought him forth for the whole human family. In the words of this feast day Mass, “without losing the glory of virginity, Mary brought forth into the world the eternal light, Jesus Christ our Lord.” Send us your prayer intentions and the Franciscan Friars will join you in bringing these intentions to Mary, the Mother of God, as we pray each day of this powerful Novena with you.

 Dear Fr. David, Please ask the Franciscan Friars to pray for my intentions:

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