“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The familiar Biblical passage used by Lincoln has introduced many recent political commentaries on the state of American democracy.  Recent political rhetoric may not inspire optimism but we must join our Blessed Mother in taking comfort in the angel’s words that nothing is impossible with God.  President Biden began his recent State of the Union address, in a spirit of hope and unity, acknowledging elected officials of both parties, commending them for past service and looking forward to working together to serve the American people and the world.

The address contained some reports of progress, including increased employment and manufacturing and lowering the threat of COVID; reports on other areas like police reform, immigration, the national debt level and social programs were followed by the president saying to Congress, “Let’s get it done.”  Some statements were applauded, others sometimes audibly heckled or denied.  Although the tone was unsettling and lacking expected decorum, a number of times the president engaged the debate.  Open and honest communication, even in a heated debate, can lead to dialogue and solutions.  May all of us, whatever role we play in our communities, be like Mary, open and willing to cooperate in what God makes possible.