As we pray through the events of Holy Week, we join Our Lady in proclaiming that God’s mercy extends from generation to generation. all through Christ’s ministry, we see Jesus reaching out in mercy: eating with sinners and tax collectors; healing on the Sabbath; speaking to a Samaritan. Even as he is dying, Jesus promises paradise to the crucified man who, after admitting his own guilt, asks Jesus to remember him. The kingdom of God is one of justice, mercy, and peace for all. Our nation is based on similar principles of Justice and equality for all. Given our history of slavery, our treatment of indigenous people, and the persistence of prejudice and discrimination, democracy demands vigilance to sustain a government that is of, by and for the people. Individual and collective examens of conscience and consciousness help us become aware of our attitudes and the actions our attitudes produce. While educational materials must be suitable for the intended audience, recent opposition would, in some instances, ban all public educational institutions from using programs and materials that focus on past inequities or promote inclusivity of marginalized groups or people. Institutional policies and programs that foster diversity and inclusion are facing similar opposition. May Mary, Our Mother, teach us to love and serve all our brothers and sisters.