Public Charge Policy Injunction

The Corona virus has left no segment of our society untouched, but the immigrant community has faced particular challenges, some of which were caused by government regulations. Prospective immigrants have long been required to prove, generally through sponsorship by employers or relatives, that they would not become “public charges.” However, as noted in previous blogs, [...]

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Anne Joachim Gods Presence in Ordinary

Tired of long shutdowns, we no longer use the word novel to describe COVID-19, but as cases surge throughout much of the nation we are still discovering new information about the virus. In a divisive political climate, evolving advice can be interpreted and discredited as evidence of fake news. Widespread protests demanding reform in our [...]

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The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help shows Mary looking at us as she holds and comforts the infant Christ, who has been frightened by the sight of the instruments of the Passion which angels hold. The much-revered icon reminds us of Mary's ongoing maternal care for us and our ongoing need to be [...]

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George Floyd

It's all about relationships, this Christian life of ours. At baptism we were welcomed into intimate relationship with the Trinity-- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. From the cross, Jesus gave us his mother. How, then, can we be so divided that one police officer could keep his knee on George Floyd’s neck [...]

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Start Treaty

As parts of the United States are beginning to ease the long isolation of the pandemic, there is much discussion of lessons learned. Meant to encourage sheltering in place and social distancing, the slogan “Alone Together” can also be said of the world, each country struggling with life and death. We have witnessed the enormous [...]

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Laudato Si

As May flowers remind us of Mary’s title as the new Eve, Mother of the Living. we mark the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si Pope Francis’ encyclical on care of the earth. Challenging us to consider what sort of world we wanted to leave our children, Pope Francis called for reflection and action to preserve [...]

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World Health Organization

As COVID-19 spread rapidly and was declared a pandemic, the world united in tracking both the disease’s course and international, national, and regional efforts to control the spread and mitigate its effects. The number of fatalities was and continues to be overwhelming. The individual stories of people dying, the numbers of people dying after caring [...]

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Mercy Sunday

Easter calls us to celebrate the risen Christ; a week later, Divine Mercy Sunday calls us to accept the gift and challenge Christ’s resurrection brings to us. Thomas is with the other apostles, all still frightened, all still sheltering in place. Once again Jesus greets his friends, “Peace. Do not be afraid.” He then addresses [...]

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How do we celebrate Easter and sing our alleluias while sheltering in place?

How do we celebrate Easter and sing our alleluias while sheltering in place? As death and illness surround us, how do we celebrate resurrection and new life? We have missed the terrible beauty: the love and pain, the poignancy and reassurances of Holy Week services. How different this Lent, this Holy Week! And yet, this [...]

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Remain United

We are told several times in Luke’s Gospel that Mary “pondered in her heart” God’s mysterious ways. These days we too have much to ponder as COVID-19 has changes our lives and the lives of so many around the world. Of course, the Lenten challenge is to allow God to change our hearts. On Sunday, [...]

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