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Words Matter

Words matter.  The Incarnate Word, Jesus speaks unceasingly to us of God’s love.  We make vows; public officials begin their service with an oath to their office, convinced that people are as good as their word.  For almost two weeks, our nation has been immersed in a consideration of words and their consequences.  On January [...]

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Final Epiphany

How well we know the Epiphany story:  A distant star, eager pilgrims, a leader determined to preserve his power, and a newborn child--God’s tiny, infinite and intimate gift.   And there were presents: gold for kingship, frankincense for divinity, and myrrh, an aromatic used to prepare the dead.  Finally, there was the dream warning the magi [...]

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Christ The King

What would it be like to see Christ the King through Mary’s eyes? I imagine she sees her beloved Son as one who asks only that we accept and share God’s mercy. This is Christ’s gift to us and the gift he asks of us. In this time of protests, civic divisions, pandemic spread with [...]

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Police Reform

How well our blessed mother understands the pain of parents mourning the death of their child! On Monday October 27th, we witnessed yet another black family who mourned the death of their son at the hands of Philadelphia police. Walter Wallace's mother had called for an ambulance to assist her emotionally disturbed son; however, the [...]

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Temporary Protected Status

In her Magnificat, Mary rejoices in God's mercy that reaches "from generation to generation." Pandemic related isolation has caused us to miss that wide human contact with family and friends. Scientific explanations and social and technological support help, but we remain lonely and stressed. If as adults we find the long and ongoing but temporary [...]

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Alaska Refuge

Last week's feast of the Queenship of Mary reminded us of our mission to follow Christ in working for justice and peace.  Plans to allow oil and gas leasing programs to operate in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, home to wolves, caribou, and other wildlife.  The drilling also threatens the culture and livelihood of the [...]

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Assumption of Mary

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary holds both joy and promise for us. We rejoice in the honor given Mary and we see in her the promise of our own future. Because of the ongoing pandemic, much of our immediate future can seem beyond our control, but our individual actions matter.   In this, too, we [...]

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Public Charge Policy Injunction

The Corona virus has left no segment of our society untouched, but the immigrant community has faced particular challenges, some of which were caused by government regulations. Prospective immigrants have long been required to prove, generally through sponsorship by employers or relatives, that they would not become “public charges.” However, as noted in previous blogs, [...]

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Anne Joachim Gods Presence in Ordinary

Tired of long shutdowns, we no longer use the word novel to describe COVID-19, but as cases surge throughout much of the nation we are still discovering new information about the virus. In a divisive political climate, evolving advice can be interpreted and discredited as evidence of fake news. Widespread protests demanding reform in our [...]

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The icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help shows Mary looking at us as she holds and comforts the infant Christ, who has been frightened by the sight of the instruments of the Passion which angels hold. The much-revered icon reminds us of Mary's ongoing maternal care for us and our ongoing need to be [...]

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