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Wisdom Midst All

As political divisions seem to deepen and the news reports national and international outbreaks of violence and unrest, we pray the O Antiphons during the liturgy. Prayed on the 17th, the first antiphon celebrates Christ as Wisdom and challenges us to exercise wisdom by living in right relationship with our families and friends, with the [...]

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Criminal Justice System Reform

Last Friday Rodney Reed was issued an indefinite stay of execution by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, following the recommendation of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. The Board stated that new evidence had been found that might exonerate Rodney Reed and implicate a previous suspect, the victim’s fiancée, who had been the original suspect. [...]

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Berlin Wall 30th anniversay

Last Saturday marked the thirtieth anniversary of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall that had separated communist rules East Germany from West Germany. The crowd remembered the joy of freedom and the suffering and death of the many victims who had suffered violence over the decades when the Soviet-backed Stasi controlled East Germany. During the [...]

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Kurds And Syria Call For Peace

Last week following the withdrawal of United States troops from northern Syria, images of war and those fleeing from war flashed before us on small and large screens, calling us to stand in solidarity with those who mourn and suffer. While no one would argue against President Trump's stated goal of not engaging in "endless [...]

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Confronting Terrorism

This month calls us to remember the communion we share with all the living and the deceased to mourn the dead and reflect on the meaning of life. Last Sunday two events converged, reminding us of the fragility of life, the threat of terrorism and the need to be peacemakers. The first anniversary of the [...]

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Violence Against Women

Model disciple and Mother of God, Mary is, indeed, "blessed among women” and a blessing for women. Unfortunately, women are often targets of social and domestic violence. September 13th marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, which has been credited for reducing domestic violence through a series of measures ranging from education [...]

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Farmworkers’ Children’s Education

Summer's end signals the beginning of a new school year and the harvest of autumnal crops.  Unfortunately, for some children, farm work proves a considerable and often insurmountable obstacle to achieving academic and career goals.  Labor laws allow children as young as 12 to work on farms with their parents or with parental [...]

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Racial Divide

Last week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing which gave us new insights into the solar system and a new perspective on our fragile earth. The fragility of our nation and challenge of our times became apparent when in a July 14th tweet, President Trump suggested that four freshman Congresswomen [...]

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