How often during the war in Afghanistan as in previous wars part of our stated goal was to win minds and hearts of the people; therefore, we invested in humanitarian and development projects. US and allied forces also won trust and friendship of civilians who risked their personal safety to support our efforts.

Now, as we pull out of Afghanistan, hearts are being broken and minds filled with memories of 9/11, and with fear, worry and concern for the many people trying to leave the country. President Biden pledged to evacuate Americans and those Afghanistan’s who helped our efforts, but the efforts are not meeting the demand. The airport, filled with people desperate to leave, has become a place of suffering and even death.

Several airlines have been enlisted to aid the evacuation efforts and a number of countries have offered to admit the Afghanistan’s who helped our troops while the multi-step special visas are processed to admit those who aided our military and their families.

May our Blessed Mother, whose heart was pierced with sadness, intercede for all whose lives have been touched by war.