Tired of long shutdowns, we no longer use the word novel to describe COVID-19, but as cases surge throughout much of the nation we are still discovering new information about the virus. In a divisive political climate, evolving advice can be interpreted and discredited as evidence of fake news. Widespread protests demanding reform in our justice and socioeconomic systems call us to reconsider what has been the status quo. In the midst of all this, we are called to make wise and righteous decisions about returning to work and commerce, educating our children, and engaging in the political process.As people of faith, we can take some comfort in remembering how God used ordinary people, like Saints Joachim and Anne, whose feast we celebrated on July 26th, to accomplish God’s extraordinary gift of salvation. We know no details about the lives of Mary’s parents, but we know that they instilled in their daughter enough faith, trust, and love to say yes to God’s mysterious call. As we move forward, let us ask Mary to help us trust the angel’s message: nothing is impossible with God.