The Feast of the Assumption of Mary holds both joy and promise for us. We rejoice in the honor given Mary and we see in her the promise of our own future. Because of the ongoing pandemic, much of our immediate future can seem beyond our control, but our individual actions matter.   In this, too, we have the example of the Blessed Mother. Saying yes to becoming the mother of Jesus also meant teaching Jesus to walk and talk and say his prayers. For us wearing a mask and keeping social distance can be our way of “giving a cup of water to a stranger“ in Jesus’ name.

The pandemic has forced us to see that seemingly disparate issues of the environment, economy, human rights, racism, and national and International security  are all related. As individuals,  we might contribute to one or more  of these causes, but as individual voters, we have a  responsibility to vote for the candidates who will best serve the common good.