As we move through Easter season. we can’t help but think of the amazement and overwhelming joy Mary must have felt on Easter. As Simeon had prophesied, Mary experienced some extraordinary sorrows as Mother of the Redeemer, but she must also have experienced the day to day concerns we all experience in our care for family, friends and neighbors.

COVID has isolated and connected us. As more of the nation’s population becomes vaccinated, President Biden has revealed an infrastructure plan in keeping with his promise to “build back better.” Traditionally focused on structures that support communication, transportation and utilities, infrastructure bills often muster popular support. However, the pandemic experience has caused the administration to expand the traditional focus to include what has been labeled the care infrastructure. Including paid medical and family leave, the plan would support childcare, home healthcare and access to primary healthcare. The plan also calls for adequate compensation for home healthcare workers.

The pandemic revealed the fragility and inequities of our care system. Roads and relationships, the caring and the carrying, all must be built back better.