How do we celebrate Easter and sing our alleluias while sheltering in place? As death and illness surround us, how do we celebrate resurrection and new life? We have missed the terrible beauty: the love and pain, the poignancy and reassurances of Holy Week services. How different this Lent, this Holy Week! And yet, this years’ experience may not be so different from that of the first disciples. We read in the Gospels how those first witnesses of the resurrection reacted: the women experienced joy and fear at the angel’s message; Peter and John were amazed at the empty tomb and discarded burial cloths; fearful, the apostles sheltered in place. Having met Jesus on the road to Emmaus the disciples only recognize him in the breaking of the bread. This year we must meet and recognize the risen Christ in our individual, communal and global brokenness. Or, perhaps, this Easter’s gift and mission is to know that Christ recognizes us in our brokenness. And so in faith we join Our Lady and proclaim “God’s mercy is from age to age.”