This past week we were shaken by yet another report of sexual abuse within the church, this time coming from the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Detailing decades of abuse and cover-ups in six Pennsylvania dioceses, the report is shocking in reporting the details of abuse, the large number of victims, the number of perpetrators and the failure of many bishops to disclose the allegations to civil authorities and to take appropriate measures to prevent further abuse. How could people dedicated to serving the Lord harm people entrusted to their care? Psychologists, sociologists, criminologists and church leaders will continue to study the reasons such abuse occurs, but as a Church we are witnesses to sin, neglect and bad judgment on the part of abusers and authorities who failed those in their care. We are also witnessed to the suffering of untold numbers of victims: the children and minors who were abused and their family and friends. As a Church, we are all part of the mystical body of Christ; we are all affected by the experiences, attitudes and actions of one another. As we pray for healing of the victims, healing of those whose faith has been shaken and healing of the whole Church, let us ask Our Lady to intercede for us. The Mother of Sorrows holds the broken body of our church in her arms as she held the broken body of Jesus after he was taken down from the cross Let us continue to place our hope in Christ who, having risen from brokenness and death, feeds, heals and unites us in the Eucharist.