Last week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing which gave us new insights into the solar system and a new perspective on our fragile earth. The fragility of our nation and challenge of our times became apparent when in a July 14th tweet, President Trump suggested that four freshman Congresswomen with whom he has political disagreements should go back to where they came from. Leveled against four women of color, the statement gives evidence of our racial and ethnic divisions.  A few days later at a campaign rally for President Trump, the crowd chanted “Send her back,” referring to Ilhan Omar, the only one of the four politicians who is a naturalized citizen.  The challenge of diversity, of identifying and overcoming deep-seated prejudices, of engaging in civil discourse to resolve differences and to serve the common good is as urgent a mission as any our nation has ever faced.  Only when we as individuals and a nation rid ourselves of bias can we join Mary’s proclamation that we glorify the Lord.