After a lengthy, argumentative process, the stimulus bill was passed by the Senate, then sent to the House for final approval and signed by President Biden. The pandemic aid plan is necessarily broad and multifaceted, aiming to restore economic, social, and physical health to individuals, businesses, communities, and the nation.  The passage of the bill and the subsequent implementation of protections and programs will begin the path to rebuilding our nation that was a key feature of President Biden’s political campaign.  However, another major goal, bipartisan cooperation remains aspirational since the bill passed without Republican support.

Examining the arguments made during the discussion of the bill reveals binary thinking.  One after the other, the legislators argued about whether the bill was a stimulus bill or a relief package.  Given the massive scale of COVID-related losses, it is hard to imagine that the economy could recover without relief for individuals. May Mary, the mother of us all, remind us that we are one in Christ.