As COVID-19 spread rapidly and was declared a pandemic, the world united in tracking both the disease’s course and international, national, and regional efforts to control the spread and mitigate its effects. The number of fatalities was and continues to be overwhelming. The individual stories of people dying, the numbers of people dying after caring for the ill or serving as “necessary personnel” reminded us of both human fragility and dedication.
As the virus runs its course, leaders will need to assess responses to the health crisis. However, President Trump’s decision to divert congressionally approved voluntary funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised alarm since the virus has only recently reached Africa where medical facilities are extremely limited. As experts learn more about the virus, evaluations of successes and failures will shape future strategies and organizations, but the very nature of a pandemic demands global cooperation. May Mary, Seat of Wisdom and Mother of Mercy, console the suffering and pray that all leaders be guided by wisdom and compassion.