It’s all about relationships, this Christian life of ours. At baptism we were welcomed into intimate relationship with the Trinity– the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. From the cross, Jesus gave us his mother. How, then, can we be so divided that one police officer could keep his knee on George Floyd’s neck while three other officers watched Floyd die? How many times can we watch a person of color die at the hands of police?The firing of all officers, the charging of the main perpetrator, the condemnation of such deadly force by many police departments, the police officers who joined marchers in peaceful protest provide some hope but such gestures do not end systemic racism nor do they excuse me as a white woman from considering my privileged position and working for justice. Let us all together bring wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge and fortitude–those gifts of the Spirit we celebrated at Pentecost—to transform the system and, as Jesus prayed, live as one in justice, peace and love.