As parts of the United States are beginning to ease the long isolation of the pandemic, there is much discussion of lessons learned. Meant to encourage sheltering in place and social distancing, the slogan “Alone Together” can also be said of the world, each country struggling with life and death. We have witnessed the enormous consequences of nations’ failure to collaborate and share information and resources. Will the new normal favor cooperation over demonstrations of power? Set to expire in February of 2021, START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty that limits the weapons Russia and the United States stockpile may test our desire to harness our power for good. Last week, President Trump signaled his intention to withdraw from the agreement, much to the alarm our European allies. Such action might well return us to an increase in armament and tension exceeding that of the Cold War. As we celebrate Pentecost, let us pray that the Holy Spirit who guided Mary and who guides us may guide our leaders in the ways of wisdom and peace so that the face of the earth may, indeed, be renewed.