In his inaugural address, President Biden reiterated his commitment to address the coronavirus pandemic, restore the economy, eliminate racial injustice, and confront climate change. In the hours and days since the inauguration, the president has undertaken a number of executive actions regarding these areas of concern. Fulfilling a campaign promise, President Biden delivered a letter to the United Nations, beginning the 30-day process of rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

Uniting with over 200 nations committed to reducing planet warming emissions, President Biden noted that fulfilling the terms of this agreement will require legislative action. President Macron and other world leaders have welcomed our nation’s return. but some legislators are considering voicing formal opposition to this effort. Having experienced a longer season of intense wildfires and increased air pollution, both from the fires and from industry.

We have ample evidence that addressing climate change is a necessary component of addressing health concerns and racial inequities.
On February 2nd, the Gospel will remind us of the presentation of Jesus when Simeon recognized Jesus as the messiah and told Mary that the hearts of many would be opened. May we like Mary be open hearted to God and to others.