Words matter.  The Incarnate Word, Jesus speaks unceasingly to us of God’s love.  We make vows; public officials begin their service with an oath to their office, convinced that people are as good as their word.  For almost two weeks, our nation has been immersed in a consideration of words and their consequences.  On January 13th, the House of Representatives discussed President Trump’s January 6th speech and the role it might have played in the assault on the capitol. The representatives voted for impeachment; the Senate will consider impeachment at a later date.

As children, we learned It free speech does not include the right to yell Fire in a crowded theater. How do our words affect others? How do the words we hear and read affect us? Rather than simply noting a party split, a major newspaper labeled as defectors those Republicans who voted for impeachment.  Labels define and divide us, whether used by the media or by those we know.  Our Blessed Mother’s yes to God changed history, changed us.  Our lives and words must be a resounding Amen to that change.