Mary’s titles, Mother of the Living and the New Eve remind us of Christ’s mission to make all things new. Last week’s news brought us graphic images of how much our earth needs renewal, beginning with the massive destruction of floods in Germany and in China. Closer to home, Sunday’s news told of nearly 300 wildfires blazing in British Columbia. CNN reported that a force of about 22,000 firefighters and support personnel have been deployed to combat the 88 fires raging in the western United States. Exacerbated by climate change, these natural disasters have become more frequent and more virulent. Besides the obvious and immediate damage to human life and livelihood, to animals and their natural habitats and to vegetation, the fires have long term health consequences because the smoke particles carry lead and other chemicals that can cause harm to the lungs and blood of vulnerable persons.

Sealed with the Spirit, informed by the Good News of Christ, we must respond to the world’s news, making responsible choices in our practices as informed consumers and citizens who urge our legislators to work for environmental justice.