In times of trouble, we often appeal to Mary as Mother of Perpetual Help. She is our steady hope, joining us in our prayers, when hope is hard to come by. As we move through a summer that we had hoped would mark our country’s “return to normal,” after our long pandemic isolation, we are greeted with statistics of how COVID variants, particularly the Delta variant, is causing cases to rise, most notably among the unvaccinated. However, we are also learning that while fully vaccinated people generally remain protected against severe consequences from the virus, they can sometimes transmit the virus, particularly the Delta variant, which is more transmissible than other variants.

We can look to our Blessed Mother as an example of fidelity and hope in times of worry. We know the stories of her efforts to protect Jesus. As we move through this long pandemic struggle, we can encourage the unvaccinated to get the protection the vaccine offers and we can continue to be guided by science, mindful that scientific advice may change as they research new variants. Even in our isolation, we remain one in Christ.