This year the first Sunday of Lent is also the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, the day we remember the exercise of authority and servant leadership to which Pete and all our popes have been called. Witnessing the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, we have reflected on the role of leaders, the power of their words and deeds, their moral and legal responsibility. Ultimately the Senate did not convict Mr. Trump, but a number of legislators expressed the sentiment that he played a significant role in the violent breach of the capitol on January 6th.

In this Lenten season of reconciliation, the task before us is to help our nation heal through prayer, informed voting and participation in community events and in measuring our attitudes and choosing our words carefully, whether uttered in real life or expressed online, for we all influence others, often unknowingly. After all, our Blessed Mother’s yes changed history and Jesus continues to call us to be changed and to change society through what Pope Francis calls the revolution of tenderness.