Last week while our attention focused on the heart-wrenching stories and images of crying children, the United States withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley explained that human rights violations in countries that hold membership in the council led to the decision. Throughout the years, reports by the media and by independent human rights organizations have confirmed Haley’s allegations. Haley also noted that the United States had repeatedly raised objections and suggested changes to the Council, but often found their suggestions rejected. On an individual level, we have all had the sometimes difficult and frustrating experience of trying to make our own positions known to colleagues at work or community organizations, to neighbors; sometimes we can’t even come to an agreement with close friends, No doubt the complications of nations’ cultures, languages and histories makes any discussion more complex and often more frustrating; however, withdrawing from the process removes the possibility that a word, a suggestion, a plan voiced by our representative might resonate with members of the council and effect change for the common good. Like most women of her time, Our Blessed Mother is not known for great speeches, but she was present at key moments in Jesus’ life, such as the wedding feast where her advocacy moved Jesus to perform his first miracle, Let us pray that we and our leaders imitate the love and fidelity of Mary’s maternal heart so that human rights will be recognized and preserved.